TrueArt's Modeling Pack v1.6
TrueArt's Modeling Pack is bundle of the all LightWave's Modeler tools written by us in the last 12 years at flat attractive price.

Currently includes EasyMesh, EasySpline, EasySplit, EasyRetopology, Show Weights, Show Edge Weights, Spray Bg Points, TrueBump, TrueLoad, VirtualMirror, VMapManager, VMapProcessor, Wrinkle, SurfacePicker, SwiftEdgeLoop, Push, WeightPolygonGroups, Adjust Sharpness, TrueArt's Bezier, RenameVertexMaps, DeleteVertexMaps, DeleteUnusedSurfaces, DeleteUnusedPoints, FlushParts, FlushSelectionSets, NodeUpdater, Plane, Quantize, SaveSceneAndAllObjects, SaveSceneAndAllObjectsIncrement, SaveSceneAtFrameZero, SelectionPresetManager, SelectPolygonsWithImproperEdge, TrueFillet, ImageForm, ImageSeqForm, FormEditor, GenerateEndomorphs, MatterBySurface, MorphController, RenderSplitter, Rotate Path, UnMultishift and Waves.
Price $300,-

EasySpline v1.0
EasySpline is LightWave ® Modeler complete spline modeling toolset with real-time spline cage visualization. Currently it has over 23 built-in tools.
Price $75,-

GlobalMaterials v2019
GlobalMaterials is LightWave ® Layout system extending application by global Node Editor where you can edit the all object's the all surfaces at once. Blending couple surfaces together (e.g. sand and grass, moss and rock etc.). Reusing materials in multiple surfaces or even objects. Using same parameter or group of nodes in unlimited number of surfaces and objects at the same time.

It's saving global nodes with scene file, so it's second way (after TrueGroup) to work around IFF sub-chunk length limitation (appearing when node tree is too complex).

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Special version for LW 2018!
Price $50,-

TrueArt's Node Library v2018
TrueArt's Node Library is bundle of the all LightWave ® v9.0 - LW 2020 nodes written by us.

Nodes: Backdrop, Flatten Material, Grey Color, Grey Material, Random Color, Random Scalar, Random Vector, Reflection Blur, Reflection Direction, Render Info, Product Info, Extended Item Info, Extended Spot Info, Color Invert, Color Contrast, Compare Color, Scalar Contrast, Color Mixer, Split Color, Split Material, Split Vector and much more.

Shaders: Normal Pass.
Utilities: Setup Normal Pass.
Price $50,-

AutoRenderSaver v3.0 (2020)
AutoRenderSaver is LightWave Layout tool to automatically save the all rendered images to special folder.
It does support color spaces.
AutoUpdateImages v1.2
AutoUpdateImages is LightWave Layout tool to automatically refresh changed images. This tool allow painting in f.e. Photoshop textures and immediately see rendered result in VPR in Layout on second monitor.
Price $50,-
BakeScene v2.0
BakeScene is LightWave Layout tool to bake scene objects to single object, with optional generation of MDD file, optional generation of sequence of objects for range of frames, and preservation of original surfaces. This tool is useful to transfer animated LightWave scenes and objects to other 3D applications or 3D game engines.
Price $50,-
TrueArt's Batch Baking Camera v2019
TrueArt's Batch Baking Camera is LightWave Layout plugin to automate baking surfaces.

It is tool especially interesting for game makers and artists converting LightWave specific objects (with complex node trees, procedural textures or shaders) to any other 3D package like Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, Maxon Cinema 4D, Houdini, 3D party renderers, anything which cannot understand directly LightWave shading extensions.

The tool not only allows using whole power of renderfarm in baking surface process, but it's also approximately 400% faster than LightWave v9.6 built-in Surface Baking Camera, making it even more attractive product.
Price $50,-
TrueArt's Bezier v1.7
Bezier is custom polygon handler introducing Bezier and B-Spline curves to LightWave.

It can be directly used by EasySpline or frozen to regular curve, or 2-point poly chain.

TrueArt's Bezier v1.7 has special freezing modes allowing to directly generate SasQuatch and FiberFX hair guides.
BookGenerator v1.0
BookGenerator is LightWave Modeler tool to generate books for archiviz interior scenes.
Price $50,-
CSV2OBJ v1.0
CSV2OBJ is LightWave Modeler tool to generate mesh from CSV file (it can be generated by Excel, OpenOffice, or hand made script).
CameraMan v1.0b
CameraMan is LightWave Layout tool to move and rotate camera like in 3D FPP/FPS real-time game.
EasyMesh v1.0
EasyMesh is universal LightWave Modeler tool to create and edit mesh without having to switch tools and working modes. Fully automatic and context sensitive tool for people who work edge extending technique.
Price $50,-
EasySplit v3.2
EasySplit is LightWave ® Modeler plugin that divides polygons across freehand made line in any view port.

It's definitely one of those *must have* type plugins if modeling is your everyday job.

It's interactive tool, therefore you can see result object in the real-time while cutting.
Price $30,-
HeadLight v1.0
HeadLight is LightWave Layout tool to quickly create alternative ambient lighting.
HideInstances v1.1
HideInstances is LightWave Layout tool to hide instances displayed in viewports.
Push v1.0
Push is LightWave Modeler tool for pushing foreground geometry onto background layer geometry.
Price $50,-
RenameVertexMaps v1.0
RenameVertexMaps is LightWave ® Modeler plugin to batch rename vertex maps. It should be especially interesting tool for character animators importing 3D objects from 3rd party source, or with foreign language.
Price $50,-
RenderOptimizer v1.0b
RenderOptimizer is LightWave ® Layout plugin to optimize rendering.
Sasquatch Resurrector v1.1 (2021)
Sasquatch Resurrector is special hack to create environment allowing to run Worley Lab Sasquatch in LightWave 2020.
SaveSceneAndAllObjects v2.0
SaveSceneAndAllObjects is LightWave ® Layout plugin to save scene and the all objects at once.
ShowUnmappedWeights v1.0
ShowUnmappedWeights is LightWave ® Modeler plugin that shows which vertexes are not mapped in view ports. Such vertexes can cause problems with some 3rd party game engines and 3D applications. Manual search for unmapped vertexes could be tedious job, with high polygon meshes. It works with any existing or future vertex or weight map modifying or creating tool.
Price $50,-
SolarSystem v1.0
SolarSystem is LightWave Layout tool to generate fully rigged Solar System.
Price $50,-
SpreadSurface v2.1
SpreadSurface is LightWave ® Layout command to copy specified surface to the whole scene or selected object's surfaces.
Stairs v1.0
Stairs is LightWave © Modeler interactive tool for generating stairs geometry.
Price $30,-
StoreSession v1.0
StoreSession is a LightWave ® Modeler plugin that stores and restores the all objects at once.
SurfaceBakingLights v1.0b
SurfaceBakingLights is LightWave ® Layout plugin to prepare scene for baking surfaces or special passes without shadows.
SwiftEdgeLoop v2.0
SwiftEdgeLoop is LightWave Modeler tool to create and/or slide edge or edge loop by single mouse click.

It has unique algorithm analyzing surrounding geometry to create smooth transition to newly made edges.

Unlike BandSawPro it allows obeying user point, edge or polygon selection.

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Price $50,-
TransferEnvelopes v1.0
TransferEnvelopes is LightWave Layout tool to save envelopes in one scene, and load them in another scene.
Price $50,-
TransformFilter v1.0
TransformFilter is LightWave image filter to flip and rotate image in Image Editor.
TrueBump v1.8
TrueBump is LightWave ® Modeler plugin to transfer fake bump map to true geometry on the object surface.

It could be also used as terrain generator at will, but it's you who fully decide where newly generated geometry will be placed, not plugin.

This plugin completely replaces functionality of obsolete PolygonsDivider, and the all customers who bought it will be able to purchase TrueBump with discount. Please contact to support for details.

It's interactive tool, therefore you can see result object in the real-time while adjusting parameters in the control panel.
Price $50,-
TrueCenter v1.5
TrueCenter is LightWave ® Modeler interactive tool to center selected geometry or entire layer.
TrueFillet v1.8
TrueFillet is LightWave Modeler plugin to round sharp vertices.

Unlike other rounding tools it works perfectly with LightWave v9 and planar polygons.

It's interactive tool, therefore you can see result object in the real-time while adjusting parameters in the control panel.
TrueGroup v2.0
TrueGroup is LightWave special node to better organize nodes in editor. It allows adding, removing, cloning, renaming, changing type of any input or output that are exposed in group Node Editor

Since v2.0 it also allows storing nodes in external file, bypassing IFF sub-chunk 32 KB limitation!

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Price $30,-
TrueInfinitePlane v1.5
TrueInfinitePlane is LightWave Layout volumetric plugin to render ground plane covering entire scene. You can control surface color using Node Editor just like in regular Surface Editor. Saves you time spend on making huge ground plane object for every project.
Price $30,-
TrueLoad v1.0
TrueLoad is LightWave scenes, objects, layers, surfaces and parts loader for Modeler and Layout with real-time OpenGL preview.

You could see exactly what you're trying to load before truely loading data to application which is extremely useful with projects developed by more than one person or after returning to project after longer period of time.

Price $40,-
TrueMelt v2.0
TrueMelt is LightWave ® Layout displacement plugin to melt object in animation.
TrueOBJImport v1.0
TrueOBJImport is LightWave plugin to import Wavefront OBJ file together with vertex normals which allow rendering object looking exactly the same as you have in original 3D application.
Price $50,-
TrueTypeText v2019
TrueTypeText is LightWave ® Layout plugin to render TrueType text directly in renderer.
Price $50,-
VirtualRoom v2020
VirtualRoom is LightWave Layout node to create virtual interiors for archiviz city visualizations.
Price $75,-
Wrinkle v2.5
Wrinkle is LightWave ® Modeler plugin to create high quality details on the object surface, like wrinkles, veins, bubbles, pits.

Wrinkle is one of the best TrueArt plugins because of it's usefulness and day-by-day usage in the graphics artist modelling sessions; it's used by people around the world from Hong Kong, Belgium to United States.

It's interactive tool, therefore you can see result object in the real-time while adjusting parameters in the control panel.

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Price $50,-